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Chawla architectural & consulting engineers

Al Hudaiba Street Satwa, Po Box 281 Dubai

04 349 3435

Contemporary Architecture Dubai

Whether it's a commercial building or a residential one, Chawla Architectural and Consulting Engineers undertakes each and every project that comes its way with the same level of professionalism.

Buildings that define tomorrow

From its airport to its shopping malls and hotels, contemporary architecture holds an important place in the country. So as not to lag behind in this quest of modernising the city, our company too brings you buildings designs and concepts that will not only be up to your expectations but will also be a true tribute to this fast-paced city. For each and every project we undertake, we will not stop until we have achieved perfection. Our years of experience in this field are proof of our good reputation and willingness to achieve nothing but the best.

Wherever you are planning a construction project in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to hand over your project as and when you want it.